Brandt 2012 Distributor of the year

Brandt Technologies awarded 2012 BASF KAOLIN DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR

Posted on July 15, 2013

BASF is pleased to announce the winner of 2012 BASF KAOLIN DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD.    This year, Brandt Technologies, LLC,  Bensenville, IL, has won both award categories, Growth and Performance.  Nate Renwald, Managing Partner and Ben Hotchkiss, President accepted the awards in their Bensenville, IL offices.  Nate and Ben assumed control of Brandt in January of 2012 from founders Tom Brandt and Art Fox.  In 2012, Brandt enjoyed greater than 20% growth in new business year over year.   The exclusive BASF Midwest Kaolin distributor  also excelled in investment relating to the sales of kaolin, key account management, pricing, communications and forecasting, earning them the Performance award.

Brandt Technologies has always been a strong reliable performer and well positioned in the markets they serve. Nate and Ben, with the mentoring and support of Tom and Art, are ascending BRANDT to the next level, delivering mutually beneficial results for our businesses. We both congratulate and greatly appreciate their success.


DuPont™ Ti-Select™ TS-6200 is a rutile crystal titanium dioxide pigment manufactured by the chloride process.

TS-6200 is specifically designed for superdurablecoatings applications, including coil, automotive, powder and industrials. This grade offers excellent dispersibility and exceptional gloss retention, allowing for improved coatings performance at lower cost and with greater formulation and manufacturing flexibility.


Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Lanco LiquiMatt 6035 Aqueous-based Dispersion of Synthetic Waxes used to efficiently control gloss in aqueous coatings. Unlike many powders used in aqueous coatings, LiquiMatt 6035 does not need high shear for incorporation and will not generate foam during the dispersion process.

Lanco LiquiMatt 6035 provides the following benefits: wide compatibility, good uniform matting, easy to incorporate, dust free handling, high active content, and improved mar resistance. It is useful in a wide range of applications including wood coatings, architectural coatings and foil coatings.


Beckosol AQ is the resin that works like an alkyd, cleans with just water, and outperforms the competition in all applications from stain and primer to flat, semi-gloss and high gloss paints. Click below for more information.


HEUCODUR® IR pigments exhibit the unique property of being able to reflect IR radiation therefore exhibiting significantly reduced heat build-up as compared to conventional black pigments.

Our new range of HEUCODUR® IR Pigments offer a wide range of color shades from yellow through to black and enable the formulation of not only architectural, building and construction coatings, tiles, plasters etc., but also for automotive exterior and interior applications such us dash-boards, tanks etc.

Our latest innovation is the Heucotint line of universal colorants. Heucotint colorants are environmentally friendly colorants that are VOC-free, APE-free and contain no formaldehyde. They can be used in both water-based and solvent-based architectural coatings exhibiting broad-based compatibility. The pigments selected are designed to provide superior lightfastness and weathering while still remaining cost effective.

Heucotint colorants are specifically designed for volumetric dispensing at point-of-sale but can also be used for tinting in-plant. They are very tightly controlled affording our customers excellent consistency both at point-of-sale or in the plant.  

Heucotint colorants are provided with the standard 12 colorants required for the America’s market. However, with our considerable experience in custom dispersions, Heucotech can provide colorants matched to the exact needs of our customer. Our goal is to provide our customer with the exact products needed in order to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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